• Installing Akai MPK mini MK2 help please for Mac.

    … states, I am in need of some dire help in terms of installing my new akai mpk mini mk2. So last week I had an older Samsung laptop with FL Studios on it. I installed the mpk mini editor from the website, but every time I opened the application, it would not sync … (2014-10-17)

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  • Akai MPk mini mk2 release?

    Hey guys does anyone know when the new Akai MPk mini mk2 will be available to buy? Thanks (2014-05-14)

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    • … , Thanks for posting and for your interest! We're excited for the release of the MPK mini mkII! For product availability, please contact … announced, but the latest information will be posted to the MPK mini mkII Product Page and through the Akai Newsletter … (2014-05-15)
  • Akai MPK Mini Mk2 will not turn on

    My newly purchased midi keyboard is not working. I downloaded the editor off the website, and the new firmware upgrade, but can not use the editor or update firmware, or even use the damn thing for my life. When plugged into a USB port (I have 12, 2.0's... (2014-10-06)

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    • … all crooked up. Funny fact 2 : When connecting the MPK Mini Mk2 to the _powered OFF_ laptop … ). Even with USBDeview (nice tool, though) I can't see any driver associated to either one string: Akai, MPK, Mini, In, Out. Even the "show disconnected devices" doesn't mention … (2014-10-21)
  • "Undefined External Error" from Fl Studio when trying to use my MPK mini

    … instructional guide. I'm not sure if when the program at the end of the disc opens if it is supposed to make noises. However, my MPK MINI doesn't make noises. When I opened Fl Studio … of "Sound, video, and game controllers". Someone please help me! This is a brand new Akai MPK MINI that I bought today! I need someone's help! I am beyond frustrated … (2014-08-19)

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  • Problem registering AKAI MPK Mini. When I enter code into registration box website says invalid code, but I entered it precisely and exactly

    Trying to Register my Akai MPK Mini. The registration code is invalid, even though it is precisely entered. What gives? (2014-10-14)

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  • Akai MPK mini can't be installed by Windows 7

    … guys, I just purchased an Akai MPK mini and I can't get it to work, Windows 7 recognizes the device but won't install it. I get the error with the message: "Device driver … (2014-04-23)

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  • akai mpk mini troubles

    Akai professional MPK mini . . . I've had it for a couple of months now but I'm just now trying to download the software . . . I am trying to download it onto a acer aspire 5250 … (2014-07-04)

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    • … settings to make sure the MPK is selected and active as a MIDI input device. Here is an example on how to set it up in Ableton: http://noterepeat.com/products/akai-professional/mpd-and-mpk-series/42-mpk-mini-setup … (2014-07-10)
  • Akai mpk mini...PLEASE HELP

    Does the mpk mini record by itself? or do you have to make the beat on the fly? (2014-04-10)

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  • MPK Mini MK2 with Ipad

    Hello, I ordered an MPK Mini MK2. I read a description that mentioned a low-power mode for use with the Ipad. However, I did not see anything about it in the manual. How do I select low-power mode? (2014-07-08)

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    • … as to why I keep seeing a reference to a low-power mode in ads. for the MPK Mini MK2 such as this: http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/keyboards/midi-keyboards/95843-akai-mpk-mini-mk2-midi-controller "The new Akai MPK Mini features a much slimmer and all new design compared to previous MPK keyboards and a lot of extras … (2014-07-11)
    • … figured out a workaround until we can get some info. from Akai regarding using the MPK Mini MK2 with our iPads. All you have to do is plug … $5 USB hub that I got from 5 Below and it works! Now I am very happy because the MPK Mini 2 is a great controller for the Ipad … (2014-07-10)
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  • MPK Mini software probs :(

    … bought an AKAI MPK Mini mkII last week and registered it on the website to download all the related software. The problem is, I can download it but can't authorize … (2014-11-11)

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    Tags: mac, mpk mini mkii, software

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