• How can I play loops with the Akai Mpk mini 2 touch pads?

    … so I wanna make it work! Also is there a way in ableton to have the dials on the keyboard switch what they are controlling when I switch tracks in the program? Controller: Akai MPK mini II Program: Ableton 9 … (2015-02-28)

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  • Akai MPK mini firmware updater won ́t connect

    Akai MPK mini firmware updater won ́t connect and I can ́t download anything. What can I do? (2016-12-13)

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    Tags: firmware, connect, won`t connect, doesn´t connect, mpk mini, mpk mini ii

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  • Akai MPK Mini MK2 key velocity

    Is there any way to turn off the key velocity in akai mpk mini mk2? i want to every note sound the same. I'm using FL Studio 11 (2016-01-02)

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    Tags: velocity, akai mpk mni mk2, key

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  • AKAI MPK Mini 2 pad assignments

    Is there a way I can change my pads on the AKAI MPK Mini 2? Maybe its because I'm new, but in MPC Essentials, my pads are just all over the place; Pad 5 looks like Pad 8, 4 looks like 1 etc.. (2016-01-09)

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  • No sound with Akai MPK mini MKII and studio one 3

    Hello , I have The MPK mini MKII since 2 days ago .I have try whith studio one 3 , but there is a problem : NO SOUND Please Help Me (2017-07-22)

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    • … .PNG?1500828544"> .But normally you can play with the MPK whith Presence XT in instruments .See this turorial "Setting Up the Akai MPK mini MKII in Studio One 3" in Youtube . Now look : studio one 3 recognize the MPK when I play a Bb … (2017-07-23)
  • Akai MPK Mini 2 drum pads will not configure properly with DAW and editor

    … the setup is something like B0 all the way to D2, I've done these numbers and it doesn't work. I've already clicked send, I have put MPK mini 2 device setup on output only and I get a response but it is nothing of what I have set up. One of the setups, bank B was where Bank A was supposed to be. Then my current problem is that if I setup … (2015-11-15)

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    Tags: mpk mini 2, drum pads, won't configure, studio one, editor, problem

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    • … and a variety of knowledgebase articles that will walk you through getting completely up and running with your MPK Mini mkii. Check … Installalation and Setup Walkthrough Video * Akai Pro MPK mini MKII - Knowledge Base Articles * Setup with Ableton Live * Setup … (2016-07-22)
  • Akai MPK Mini MK2 Pads Delay

    MPK Mini MK2 and was happy until I discovered that this controller there is a delay on the pads. Very small, but very … writes. How to get rid of this delay? Do you release firmware? This is my 4 AKAI controller and I am very upset. Please reply to this topic … (2014-12-07)

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    • … a hardware problem. There is no need for a software update as this is not a problem with all of the MPK Mini MK2 units. I have one here at my desk … also find the following on-line resources helpful: Akai International Distributors: http://www.akaipro.com/ … (2014-12-08)
    • … There may be errors. Very long chat with customer support AKAI, but we have not agreed. Disgusting support. Well, the … return the money despite the expiry of the return of the goods. MPK MINI MK1 and LPD8 do not have such problems. Try them, but the first … (2015-03-30)
  • Akai Mpk Mini not recognized on Windows 7 as USB device

    … bought a lightly used mpk mini on eBay a week ago. It came with the MIDI keyboard, the USB cable and the installation CD. Last night it arrived … (2015-02-21)

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    Tags: mpk mini, usb, connection, device

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  • Akai MPK Mini Pad Bank 2 lights stay lit until I tap them

    For some reason my pad bank 1 works fine but whenever I use the pads on bank 2 they stay lighted up until I tap them again. How do I fix this? (2015-07-23)

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    Tags: akai mpk mini, fl studio, pad bank

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  • AKAI MPK Mini/Ableton Live 8 - Delay/Latency issues with playback.

    AKAI MPK Mini with Ableton Live 8. Everything is working fine, though there is a delay between hitting the keys and the actual playback. For example, I am trying to play a lead synth part over an existing … (2012-04-11)

    Tags: akai mpk mini latency delay

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