• !!HELP!! My Akai MPK mini won't work ..

    Akai mini for about 2 months with NO problems what so ever. But today it stopped sending data(MIDI) to my … help.. im about to go crazy with rage! :( :( :( The picture is taken while using the mpk mini.. (Just to illustrate that i dont get any data) Greetings … (2013-12-15)

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  • Akai MPK Mini is not working with FPC in FL Studio 11?

    … FL studio and use my MPK mini with it, say im clicked on "kick" or "snare" it works when I press the keys and pads just plays different tones, but then when I insert an FPC … (2014-01-27)

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  • Can i make my pads on AKAI MPK mini sustain ?

    I wonder if i can make the pads hold after i release them (2013-11-26)

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    • @thejoydivision....How did you get the pad to stay lit or turn off so it does not stay lit? I bought my akai mpk mini used and pad 5 on bank 1 and 2 stays lit like its sustained. (2014-03-07)
  • Akai MPK Mini not sending MIDI to Logic Pro 9

    … night I was using my MPK Mini with Logic Pro 9 and everything was working fine. Today I start up Logic, plug in my MPK … use this MIDI controller with Logic before. With Reason 4 all I had to do was start the Akai Pro software that comes with the controller … (2013-09-01)

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    bought it a few months ago and i'm not in the u.s so theres no warranty for me. I tried changing the usb wires, re installing the drivers etc on my mac, but it wont start up. What could be the problem ? (2013-09-06)

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  • just bought akai mpk mini

    just bought akai mpk mini and installed the cd but when i open program the keyboard turn on but when u press the keys you cant hear nothing (2013-08-08)

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  • Vysex Editor - Assigning the Drum Pads and Piano Keys AKAI Mpk Mini in FL Studio 10

    I'm having trouble assigning the drum pads on an AKAI MPK Mini in FL Studio 10. I am new to music production and I am not familiar with FL studio with relation to a MIDI controller. please help! (2013-06-05)

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  • Akai Mpk Mini is slow and unresponsive

    … really am having a problem with my Akai Mpk Mini keyboard. I'm using FL studio 11 and the responsiveness is slow. The sound comes about a second after i press either the pads … (2013-07-27)

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  • Can't hear anything from Akai MPK Mini

    I cannot hear anything from my AKAI MPK Mini after I plugged the usb into the computer. I install MPK Editor and still nothing. What can go wrong ? Thank you, Adi (2012-12-25)

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    • … installed my AKAI mpk mini with the drivers provided on the disk that came in the box and set it up on fl studio 9 … machine that lets you assign samples to the pads, and hit the pad on my MPK mini, no noise is made! I'm trying to be as clear as possible so I can get an straight … (2013-01-16)
    • … Having some playback issues as well. Here are the details: - MPK Mini lights up when connected and is also recognized by … . Could it possibly be the USB connection? I have other akai products but this is a used model. I've gone thru several tutorials and … (2013-07-20)
  • My computer won't recognise my Akai MPK Mini! - #2

    … with Win7 to install. 1. Right click the Akai MPK mini click "Update Driver Software … USB Audio)" 5. Ignore the warnings about incompatibility. After this my MPK Mini was recognised and worked perfectly. I have to say that although the root problem probably lies … (2014-02-24)

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