• Akai Mpk Mini not recognized on Windows 7 as USB device

    … bought a lightly used mpk mini on eBay a week ago. It came with the MIDI keyboard, the USB cable and the installation CD. Last night it arrived … (2015-02-21)

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  • AKAI MPK Mini/Ableton Live 8 - Delay/Latency issues with playback.

    AKAI MPK Mini with Ableton Live 8. Everything is working fine, though there is a delay between hitting the keys and the actual playback. For example, I am trying to play a lead synth part over an existing … (2012-04-11)

    Tags: akai mpk mini latency delay

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  • Akai MPK MINI has stopped working after a year of use.

    MPK Mini for over a year now, its always ran fine and i've never had any issues till now. Today I plugged it in and turned on my laptop/software and it isn't being picked up what so ever, i tried diff … (2014-11-08)

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  • How do I register my akai mpk mini mkII?

    mpk mkII mini today and I'm having trouble registering it and downloading the software it comes with. I am not familiar with controllers so I looked at reviews by the company itself and some consumer … (2014-12-12)

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  • akai mpk mini mk 2 not working with fl studio?

    … live 9 and fl studio, and my akai mpk mini mk 2 works with ableton, but not fl studio. In fl studio I can get the keys to work, except they only correspond to each channel in the pattern … (2015-01-03)

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  • Would an Akai MPK Mini work with GarageBand 10.0.2?

    … ) on an old Mac and the drivers still worked. I've finally got round to having a new Mac and as predicted my midi keyboard no longer works. Looking into an Akai MPK Mini but unsure of any limitations on OS10.9 … (2014-03-31)

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    • Hello Sho, Thanks for posting. I'd be happy to help! The AKAI MPK-Mini is a "class-compliant" keyboard. Mac OSX Mavericks will recognize the MPK-Mini automatically and will function without limitations. Let me know if you have any other questions. (2014-03-31)
  • AKAI MPK mini some of the keys stopped working!

    Hi Im using Logic 9 The MPK mini has work perfectly before. Today when i started logic some of the key just didn’t work! (Or send) Please help! (2014-06-11)

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  • can you guys make a tutorial about how to use akai mpk mini mkii/mk2 on mpc essential ?

    i can only play 2 sound on my mpk mini mkii, hybrids and wobble. how do i put the sound into my pads and everything (2014-12-07)

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    • … Essentials software with the pads from your MPK mini MKII? Do you mean that the MPK mini MKII pads are not "lining … MKII pads to use the Essentials software. The MPK mini MKII can play virtually any MIDI music production … .com/products/akai-professional/mpk-2-series/414-akai-mpk-mini-mkii … (2014-12-08)
  • Installing Akai MPK mini MK2 help please for Mac.

    … states, I am in need of some dire help in terms of installing my new akai mpk mini mk2. So last week I had an older Samsung laptop with FL Studios on it. I installed the mpk mini editor from the website, but every time I opened the application, it would not sync … (2014-10-17)

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  • AKAI MPK MINI DRUM PADS help me out

    I'm having problems with my akai MPK mini, it works fine on cubase but the drumpads don't seem to work. I'm not sure how to set up the drum pads on cubase someone help please??? (2014-12-04)

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