• Help with Akai MPK Mini- Cubase Le 5

    Just bought the Akai MPK Mini, I use Cubase Le5 and record through a Tascam US 1800. Also I'm using Windows 7. I have zero idea how to set anything up, can someone please walk me through the process? (2014-08-18)

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  • Akai MPK mini Knobs don ́t work in Ignite

    … pads and keys of my MPK mini are working perfect with Air Ignite software, but I can ́t say the same about the knobs. I ́m using the factory preset 1-Chromatic. Does … (2013-12-11)

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    • … the preset 1 two times. First, I upload the preset in Akai MPK mini editor version 11 and close the editor. After that, I open the Akai MPK mini editor version 13 and upload again the same preset, without any modifications. And Ignite recognize all the knobs!!! But if I upload only in Akai MPK mini editor version 11 or 13 … (2013-12-18)
    • I appreciate the feedback. Although, I don't follow this part: "But if I upload only in Akai MPK mini editor version 11 or 13, ignite don ́t recognize the knobs. " (2013-12-20)
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  • Mac OS X 10.9 does not receive anything from the Akai MPK Mini

    … bought the MPK Mini yesterday, got delivered today. I put it in, do not change anything at first to the mini editor. I open Ableton, get nice response … editor, ableton.. reinstalled ableton, redownloaded the mini editor, everything stays the same since then. I tried to load a factory preset … (2013-11-21)

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    • Hi, would the Akai MPK Mini work with Mac OS 10.8.5? All the best. L. (2014-01-13)
    • … using an akai mpk mini on virtual dj and when i press "scan for new devices" my midi doesnt pop up. i know its connected and sending signal … (2014-05-28)
  • Is the akai mpk mini compatible with lmms 0.4.13 ?

    … bought the akai mpk mini and i'm new to the whole music production scene. I've looked up countless tutorials of how to get it to work with lmms, and i've followed all the steps, but it still won't make a noise … (2012-12-22)

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  • AKAI MPK Mini - Connection Issue?

    … purchased a second hand MPK Mini, a couple days ago and the first time I used it, it turned on and lit up perfectly fine, but then 30 … again. I am now really confused as to what the issue could be. could someone please assist me? - AKAI MPK Mini - Windows PC - Windows 8 … (2014-10-03)

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  • !!HELP!! My Akai MPK mini won't work ..

    Akai mini for about 2 months with NO problems what so ever. But today it stopped sending data(MIDI) to my … help.. im about to go crazy with rage! :( :( :( The picture is taken while using the mpk mini.. (Just to illustrate that i dont get any data) Greetings … (2013-12-15)

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  • AKAI MPK Mini/Ableton Live 8 - Delay/Latency issues with playback.

    AKAI MPK Mini with Ableton Live 8. Everything is working fine, though there is a delay between hitting the keys and the actual playback. For example, I am trying to play a lead synth part over an existing … (2012-04-11)

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  • Akai MPK MINI has stopped working after a year of use.

    MPK Mini for over a year now, its always ran fine and i've never had any issues till now. Today I plugged it in and turned on my laptop/software and it isn't being picked up what so ever, i tried diff … (2014-11-08)

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  • Would an Akai MPK Mini work with GarageBand 10.0.2?

    … ) on an old Mac and the drivers still worked. I've finally got round to having a new Mac and as predicted my midi keyboard no longer works. Looking into an Akai MPK Mini but unsure of any limitations on OS10.9 … (2014-03-31)

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    • Hello Sho, Thanks for posting. I'd be happy to help! The AKAI MPK-Mini is a "class-compliant" keyboard. Mac OSX Mavericks will recognize the MPK-Mini automatically and will function without limitations. Let me know if you have any other questions. (2014-03-31)
  • AKAI MPK mini some of the keys stopped working!

    Hi Im using Logic 9 The MPK mini has work perfectly before. Today when i started logic some of the key just didn’t work! (Or send) Please help! (2014-06-11)

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