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Analog sequencing gear - Incredible, easy to use

I am so pleased, well beyond expectations, with the analog sequencing gear from Akai, specifically the Timbre Wolf, Tom Cat, and Rhythm Wolf. I was aware of the criticisms when I purchased them, and I am so glad I took the chance. The Timbre Wolf is an affordable polysynth, which I have never been able to own before. I love the disco toms on the Tom Cat (even though I don't make disco), and the "percussion" sound on the Rhythm Wolf is clear and amazing sounding. I overcame the tuning issue by getting it to the next nearest clean note, and mentally transposing. If people can't do that, maybe they should stop complaining and take a theory class. On all of them, the ability to gate clock them together leaves their MIDI inputs open for connections to other keyboards, and the "last step" makes exotic time signatures a snap. Please make more...I will keep buying hem until there are no animals left.

If you want to hear what an ordinary skill level musician can do in a spontaneous real time improv with all 3 (an some non-quantized keyboards).click here:

Thank you!