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APC40 Octave/Note Mode?

Hi, I'm a novice with Ableton Live as well as Midi Controllers. Just started today after my akai apc40 controller arrived. I have been following tutorials all day for all my questions, but couldn't find any information on this particular problem. Any help would be appreciated!

1. When using a regular keyboard I am able to change the "octave range" easily by pressing Z or X. When using the APC40 Midi Controller to play notes, the keys in the "clip launch/session" overview are all playing the same octave. The 8 horizontal buttons are all playing the same notes, while the five vertical column will play 5 different notes. Is there a way to change the octave on the controller? Also are the ways to make each horizontal column play in a different octave instead. The buttons outside the session/view will play notes of other octaves, but it's all over the place.

2. All the buttons are playing notes. How do I switch from the "note mode" to being able to make commands in Ableton with the controller.

- Thanks for any help! Sorry for the trouble!
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  • You would have to turn on remote control in MIDI preferences to get Ableton commands back to what they should be. If you wanted the APC to act differently with Ableton you would need to change the scripts which might not be for the average user. Theres information concerning remote scripts on Ableton's site as well as blogs:

    For basic midi mapping in Ableton you can hit the purple midi map button at the top right. This will allow midi learn of for the hardware. You choose the software feature and then engage the controller's knob, fader, or button to link the commands.
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