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I’m dead inside

Freezing, Internal Storage Not Loading on Startup, Internal SD Error

I'm so disappointed. I have seriously never experienced this level of buyer's remorse in my life. Started my MPC Live up for the first time and I was in heaven but after about 5 minutes everything went straight to hell in a hand-basket. First I started getting a weird error about powering off before removing the internal sd... I WASN'T EVEN TRYING TO POWER OFF not to mention the fact that I NEVER INSTALLED AN SD!!!! I reset. At least I attempted to reset. Took me at least 4 to 5 tries because I kept getting interrupted by the same internal sd error. SO ANNOYED! THEN after powering off and then back on, I noticed that NONE OF THE INTERNAL STORAGE THAT LOADED INITIALLY WAS AVAILABLE! I freaked! I thought that I had inadvertently deleted all of my factory default content. I powered off and powered on AGAIN! This time everything loaded like normal. I WAS SO HAPPY... until after about 3 minutes EVERYTHING FROZE UP. NO ERROR ALERTS. JUST NOTHING WORKING. PADS NOT RESPONDING. SCREEN NOT RESPONDING. Omg I'm losing it at this point and all dreams faded and hope crushed beyond all recognition. Powered off. Powered on. NOTHING LOADED. Powered off. Powered on. NOTHING LOADED... repeated this cycle with a glazed look in my eyes about 27 more times until i realized that both MPC LIVE and I were both completely DEAD INSIDE. I must have blacked out from the SHEER DISAPPOINTMENT. I woke up on the couch the next morning with the Guitar Center customer receipt a few inches from my face... $1640.91. I walk over and pressed the power button... it powers on. IT LOADS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! OH JOY!!!! IT WAS ALL JUST ONE HORRIBLE WORSE CASE SCENARIO FEVER DREAM/ NIGHTMARE THAT WOULD NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPEN IN THE REAL WORLD BECAUSE REPUTABLE COMPANIES THAT MANUFACTURE HARDWARE THAT SELLS FOR OVER $1000 WOULD NEVER SET ANYTHING ON A RETAIL SHELF THAT HASN'T GONE THROUGH AND PASSED A SERIES OF HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE TESTS THAT WOULD'VE ENSURED THAT A MODEL EXHIBITING THESE TYPES OF FAILURES WOULD NEVER MAKE IT INTO THE HANDS OF A WIDE EYED, HOPEFUL FOOL JUST TO HAVE HIS FAITH IN HUMANITY DESTROYED!!! Erroneous... It wasn't a dream. 3 minutes later I get the stupid internal SD error again. Powered off. Powered on. NOTHING LOADED. Now I'm ranting in a support forum. Maybe there's a hidden camera on here recording me as some kind of sick and twisted social experiment completely toying with my emotions. Ashton Kutcher...? Are you in there f****** with me???
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  • Hey Barry,

    Sorry you're having a tough time with your MPC Live. I think it is safe to say that it sounds like there is a hardware issue with this unit. I would encourage you to get in touch with the technical support team directly - a representative will be happy to coordinate service for you.

    Warranty and non-warranty claims are not handled here on the forum, but I can point you in the right direction! Here are a couple of options that you could choose from:

    • Submit a Warranty or Service inquiry with our Technical Support team by logging onto the Akai Pro Support Page. Select Warranty or Service Inquiry from the drop down menu.


    • For quicker support, call your nearest Support Office or International Distributor.

    Make sure to reference or link this thread to help out the support team.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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