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VIP feature request -> Macro Knobs, MIDI mapping

I use VIP inside Ableton for live scene. I mapped Macro Knob in Ableton Live to use it with my pedal expression. It controls 4 parameters at once. Great, but I want to use VIP in standalone mode. In my opinion VIP is faster and I don't want to use more than 1 VST Host. I can't. Why? Because VIP is not flexibility as much as Ableton.

It would be great to have possibility map many parameters to one midi CC# (knob, foot switch, pedal expression, slider, etc.) on any midi controller, not only Advance (I use 2 keyboards).

See this:

In VIP I can only do like this, but it's not working as I would like:

I wrote about this feature a few months ago and still waiting. Please, please, please... I and maybe others users will be very happy.
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